Utah's infant mortality rate, the lowest in the nation in 1973, had increased in 1985 from 9.1 to 9.8 deaths per 1,000 live births to become the 27th highest.

The tragic and costly fact is that one baby (under the age of 1) dies each day, and about 2,100 low birthweight infants are born to families in Utah each year.To reduce these statistics and save lives, the Utah Department of Health, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Utah, Utah Chapter of March of Dimes, the Utah Medical Association and KUTV-Channel 2 have joined together in a major multimedia community outreach campaign to help inform pregnant women about the importance of prenatal care.

The goal of the "Baby Your Baby" campaign is to lower the number of low birthweight infants born and the infant mortality rate within the state of Utah by encouraging all pregnant women to seek early and repeated prenatal care. The project focuses on the need for the mother's family and the community to nurture and assist her in having the best pregnancy possible, to support the coming of life and the quality of that life.

The campaign will consist of a two-year public service television ad campaign including four half-hour documentaries, 500,000 viewer guides to be distributed statewide, an extensive public service radio and outdoor advertising campaign and a coupon book good for free gifts for expectant mothers who receive care in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

To receive copies of the information guide, write to KUTV, Community Affairs Department, P. O. Box 30901, Salt Lake City, Utah 84130.