The City Council is through being "Mr. Nice Guy" and will tell developers of Riverton Plaza, 126th South and Redwood Road, to either clean up the unfinished portion of the project or tear it down.

The council also instructed City Attorney David Church to tell the developers that the city will neither take responsibility nor spend any city money to correct what inspectors consider to be a safety nuisance on the unfinished southeast end of the development.Church told the council during its planning session that the original developers have filed for reorganization under bankruptcy law, effectively stopping an effort by First Security Bank to foreclose on the property. He said that action gives developers a period of relief from judicial process and it may be difficult to get action on the cleanup unless the judge overseeing the reorganization agrees to the request.

Mayor Dale F. Gardiner suggested that the city force the developer's hand by refusing to grant any additional occupancy permits at the development until the problems are corrected.

Council members concurred and during the regular meeting voted to follow the recommendation.