A Roosevelt police officer who received a three-day suspension over a prank at the city-county building last month has resigned from the force.

Kim Olsen, who along with officer Steve Hooley was suspended after they put dye on toilet paper in the men's room and on Mayor Lawrence Yack's desk, said Friday his resignation would take effect May 7.The dye is used by police to catch criminals and is normally put on money. It remains colorless until it comes in contact with the skin, after which it turns dark purple.

On March 27, the dye was placed on toilet paper in the men's room of the city-county building and on Yack's desk. Brad Hancock, city administrator, said the prank "turned more destructive than funny."

Yack's shirt and tie were ruined when he rubbed the dye from his desk on his clothes, and one city worker who blew his nose in the rest room got the substance on his shirt and pants.