One hundred of the 700 residents of Horseshoe Bend have signed petitions to force the ouster of their one-man police force, Chief Charles McConnell.

Residents presented the petitions to Mayor Doyle Woods and City Council members at a meeting last week. Woods said the town, 28 miles north of Boise on Idaho 55, would take no action until he knew more about the situation."I don't know what the problem is for sure," Woods said Thursday. "Until I find out, I don't know what action the City Council will take."

A public meeting on the issue is scheduled May 4.

"The main problem was that he didn't patrol the city and the city streets," Councilman Tony Kolar said. "The city police vehicle was parked at City Hall too much."

Illa Beyers, who has lived in Horseshoe Bend for 39 years, said she began the petition drive because she grew tired of hearing people complaining but not acting on their complaints.

She said the biggest problem was that much of the traffic going through town travels at 40 to 50 mph.