Police, health and wildlife officials are investigating the deaths of nearly 200 birds whose rotting carcasses were found Saturday hanging in trees at Jordan Park.

Visitors at the park, 10th South and Ninth West, flagged down a passing Salt Lake police patrolman about 5 p.m. Kurt Zimmerman, with the Utah Health Department's Environmental Health Division, was among the six officials at the park examining the bird kill."We don't know why they're dying. We just got a lot of dead birds in the trees," said Zimmerman, adding, "It's obvious that they died from something then fell from the sky into the trees."

Carcasses of more than 150 starlings were found in stands of trees at the park and in the adjacent International Peace Gardens. Efforts were unsuccessful to contact Salt Lake City Parks Department to see whether a starling-control project was conducted on Friday or Saturday that killed the birds.

"Obviously something did it and it was rather quick," Zimmerman said.

Any residents near the park whose pets show signs of poisoning or related ailments should send their animals to veterinarians immediately and contact the City-County Health Department.