A Salt Lake County firm, Rubber Engineering Corp., has been fined $102,000 by the Environmental Protection Agency for failing to report hazardous chemicals to the Utah Department of Health.

Officers of the company were in Texas and unavailable for comment.Neil Taylor, Utah's community right-to-know manager, said once the EPA inspection was conducted and company officials were notified of the violation, the necessary report was filed. The reporting deadline was July 1, 1988, and data were not received by the department until November, Taylor said.

The Emergency Planning and Community Right To Know Act requires industrial and manufacturing facilities to submit annual reports on toxic chemicals in their posession. Rubber Engineering was charged with failing to report six toxic chemicals. The EPA notice of violation said chemicals identified on site included toluene, methyl isobutly ketone, xylene, trichloroethane, methylene chloride, and zinc oxide. Exposure to some of chemicals can cause irritation of the eyes and throat, others can cause liver damage, and methylene chloride is a potential cancer-causing agent.