A reserve fighter squadron commander accused of flying his F-16 in violation of Air Force alcohol regulations has been advised of proposed charges and disciplinary actions against him, Hill Air Force Base authorities say.

Barbara Ann Vessels of Hill's 419th Tactical Fighter Wing said Lt. Col. Thomas L. King has been given several days to consult with an attorney about the situation.Vessels would not provide further details on the case, and King, 45, of Park City, had no comment.

Base officials have said the matter could possibly result in court-martial proceedings.

However, Lt. Col. Frank Wells, the wing's judge advocate, said that in military parlance, a charge simply is an accusation of wrongdoing. Subsequent discipline can range from court-martial to an informal reprimand or even non-punitive administrative action by the commander.

King was relieved of command of the 466th Tactical Fighter Squadron in late February, pending results of an investigation. King remains relieved and is not flying, Vessels said.

King was investigated on allegations he flew sooner than 12 hours after drinking, in violation of Air Force regulation. Accusations against King followed a Dec. 2 incident at Nellis Air Force Base, Nev., the Air Force said.

The 419th is an Air Force Reserve wing with 24 General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon jet aircraft. Each is worth about $16 million.