The Iran-Contra judge said Monday someone from NBC slipped requests for interviews into the homes of jurors in Oliver North's case, and panelists were so angry by the intrusion that they have vowed not to speak with the network when the trial is over.

An angry U.S. District Judge Gerhard Gesell told lawyers in the case at a brief hearing that the notes on NBC News stationery were unsigned and were left mainly in jurors' home mailboxes. The notes were found by U.S. marshals who made the rounds of jurors' homes over the weekend to pick up mail.The approach to the jury, made on the third day of its deliberations, was "most inappropriate, improper conduct," Gesell said, and "quite disrepectful" to the service the panelists were performing.

The judge also told the lawyers that a few health problems were plaguing the panel. Juror Jean Johnson was suffering from elevated blood pressure - 160 over 98 - and several jurors were complaining about colds.