American Harvest Inc., in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, has announced a repair program for 56,843 food dehydrators. The heating element can overheat presenting a fire hazard.

The company knows of three incidents in which the element overheated but it is unaware of any injuries resulting from use of the product.The recall involves the three Snackmaster models: 2200/FD-30, 2400/FD-50 and 2400T/FD-50T. The serial numbers on the bottom of the base of the recalled appliances have the first two digits 59 with B, C, D, F, G, H, or J as the third digit, and ZB, ZC, ZD, ZF, or ZII as the fourth and fifth digits.

The recall also includes Snackmaster dehydrators with white or cream colored base covers that have been serviced since Oct. 1994.

The Snackmaster Jr. FD-20 and Gardenmaster FD-1000 are not affected by this recall.

The round, white plastic appliances measure 13 inches in diameter with a 2-inch-thick base and a white plastic lid. The base is labeled "American Harvest Snackmaster Dehydrator." The base is stacked with two or four 11/4-inch-deep trays with holes in the center. Each tray has a white plastic screen on which fruit, vegetables or meat can be dried. Model FD-30 comes with two trays and Model FD-50 and Model FD-50T have four trays.

The FD-30 and the FD-50 have a gray plastic dial on the base that adjusts to various temperatures. The FD-50T has a digital read-out panel on the base with green rubber buttons for setting drying times and temperatures.

The dehydrators were sold nationwide at leading retailers between January and August 1995 for up to $110.

They were packaged in a box labeled in part, "American Harvest Snackmaster Dehydrator . . . as seen on TV . . . Fastest Most Even Drying . . . Made in USA."

To promote consumer participation, the company will return each repaired food dehydrator with two free jerky spice packets. In addition, each repaired unit will have its warranty extended for an additional 12 months.

If you have one of the recalled dehydrators, stop using it and call the company at 1-800-540-8118. It will help you determine whether your Snackmaster is part of this recall and will arrange to repair the unit by replacing the base cover for free.