A 76-year-old woman walking to the beauty shop was accosted by a man who threatened to shoot her if she didn't hand over all her money, but she told him to forget it, police reports said Sunday.

Tacoma, Wash., police reported the woman, whose name was not released, not only refused the threats of a would-be robber but also gave officers a description of the man that was good enough for them to find and arrest him.Police said Saturday's incident began when the woman got off a bus in downtown Tacoma and headed for her appointment at a beauty salon.

But before she got very far, police said, she was accosted by a man less than half her age who said, "Give me all your money. I've got a gun and I'll shoot you if you don't."

The woman told the robber to forget it, police said. All she had in her purse, she said, was the $7 for her hair appointment and she wasn't going to give it up.

The woman reached her beauty shop and called police, and a short time later officers arrested a 35-year-old man and took him to jail.