An admitted member of a Tongan gang is being investigated in connection with the February burning of a car belonging to a man who says he associates with the Bloods gang.

Taniela Mau Fangupo, 18, Salt Lake City, was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail earlier this week for investigation of arson. He was later released on his own recognizance.Salt Lake police detective George Clegg said Fangupo was arrested after a man appeared on a KUTV news program, saying his gang, the Tongan Crips Gangsters, was responsible for the Feb. 7 burning of a car belonging to Mark Harrison, who told police he associates with Bloods, a rival gang of the Tongan Crips Gangsters.

The man in the news program said the arson was in retaliation for an incident the day before, during which someone had fired a shot at him.

Harrison is in jail awaiting a preliminary hearing on a charge that he killed a Provo man outside a downtown restaurant April 9. Police are looking into a possible gang connection in that homicide.