The Utah League of Women Voters has adopted a strong environmental program that may include litigation to combat the state's air quality problem in the next two years, the league's Utah County president says.

Air quality along the Wasatch Front generated the greatest delegate interest at the league's two-day convention last week, said Linda Clark. Delegates voted unanimously "to act to support immediate compliance with federal air quality standards in Utah including the option to litigate."The incoming state board was also directed to support a lawsuit filed by the Utah Clean Air Coalition against the state for delay in the PM10 state implementation plan and against the Environmental Protection Agency for approval of the delay.

The PM10 standard became effective in July 1987 and was to be implemented within nine months. But only recently has the state Bureau of Air Quality devised an implementation plan.

The PM10 standard is violated when more than 150 particles smaller than a micron - a millionth of a meter - are counted in a cubic meter of air during one day. The fine particulates are a health concern because they reach the lungs.

The delegation voted in favor of the league's state board support for the Utah Clean Air Coalition Citizens' proposal calling for prompt compliance and immediate reductions in pollution.

Clark was designated to chair an air quality positions study to keep the league updated.

Support was given to ensure citizen participation in air quality matters, energy development, land use, waste management and water resources.

Citizen education about container recycling and support of appropriate legislation, and citizen education about identification and proper disposal of home hazardous wastes were also promoted.

Educating voters about the im-pacts of hosting the 1998 Winter Olympics in Utah will be another avenue the league will explore.

Promoting international relations in Utah, a state tax system that is fair and equitable and a voter registration system that is accessible to citizens were also sustained.