To the editor:

I am writing this letter in response to your April 9 editorial titled "New image for school lunch?" in which you wrote:"There are exceptions, but the words school lunch don't normally conjure up the image of elegant cuisine," and "For some youngsters, being handed a lunch ticket is as bad as a traffic citation."

It is obvious to me that you have not eaten school lunch recently - at least not in Davis District. I am a school lunch cook at Centerville Junior High School in Davis School District. We serve more than 1,000 students. Each day our students can choose between the main dish line, the sandwich line or the a la carte line.

The main dish line includes such menu items as roast turkey, fried chicken, potato bar, taco salad, chicken nuggets, enchiladas, pizza, tacos, spaghetti, etc., all served with fresh rolls, fruit, vegetables, dessert and milk.

Alternately, on the sandwich line, menu selections include the all- favorite hamburger as well as stacked ham, hot dogs, pastrami, hoagies, chicken sandwiches and others all served with french fries, fruit and milk.

As a third choice, items can be selected a la carte, including salads, fresh fruit, fruit juices, yogurt, frozen juice bars, fresh rolls, cinnamon rolls, milk, ice cream and cookies baked fresh daily.

We make all our own bread, buns, and rolls from scratch daily in our own kitchen at the junior high. Served warm, these are a great favorite with the students. We bake our own cookies, cakes, cinnamon rolls, brownies and pies. We like to treat our students special.

In short, we work hard and are proud of our lunches. We are members of the American School Foods Association and attend classes throughout the year to certify and improve our skills. We think we are doing a pretty good job as we try to balance nutrition, student preferences and cost efficiency.

Sondy Rosine

Davis School District