Improved access to I-70, and consequently a shorter route to the Wasatch Front, will become a reality for Wayne County residents in 1989. That's when the Hogan Pass Highway will be completed in eastern Sevier and northern Wayne counties.

The route will ultimately be paved and link up with I-70 at the Fremont Junction near the summit of Salina Canyon.The summer of 1989 is the target date for completion, according to Bob Warren of the Federal Highway Administration.

The road, which traverses the Fishlake National Forest, is being upgraded from a dirt road to a paved highway with federal funds.

Work is progressing on the last grading contract. Warren said a bid for paving will be awarded this summer.

Improvements are also planned on another forest highway along the Fremont River, which will connect Wayne County communities with the popular Johnson Reservoir and Fishlake areas. Federal officials project 1992 as the completion date.