Novell NetWare isn't winning awards just because it is the latest buzz word in computer products. The product has a corner on the end user's market because of its many qualities, the editor of PCWorld says.

Richard Landry presented Novell Inc. officials with the magazine's World Class Award for NetWare, a local area network operating system, in a presentation at the company Friday."You all have a right to be proud of this award," Landry said.

The votes for the award come from PCWorld readers who send in a ballot naming the best products on the market. Landry said 42 percent of the reader vote went to NetWare as the best networking system. The nearest vote for a similar product was 6 percent.

There are four reasons NetWare won, Landry said. Readers want products that don't compromise power with easy use, they want products that have good support services, they want extensive products and they want a product of the future.

"This means a lot," said Richard King, vice president of the NetWare Products Division. "It is in recognition of a lot of efforts that have gone into the product."

The Sixth Annual PCWorld award is the fifth to be presented to Novell in the past year for its NetWare product.

NetWare won the Editor's Choice award in PC Magazine, the Product of the Year in Info World, the highest rated local area network operating system in Software Digest and the Mac Connectivity Product of the Year for MacUser.

PCWorld is a monthly computer magazine with a circulation of half a million.