Whenever an arms-control summit is held during the next two years, Sen. Jake Garn, R-Utah, will be there.

He has been named a member of the Arms Control Observer Group by Senate Minority Leader Robert Dole and therefore will be part of the official U.S. delegation to any formal negotiations on nuclear, conventional or chemical arms reduction.That also means Garn will be privy to all classified information regarding arms-control negotiations and will travel with the U.S. delegation to arms-control summits to represent the views of the Senate and exchange ideas with delegates from other countries.

Garn was one of three Republicans added to the 20-member bipartisan group for a two-year term. Dole said Garn was selected for his understanding of the issues resulting from his past work in arms negotiations and former assignments on defense and intelligence committees.

Garn was an adviser to the U.S. Strategic Arms Limitations Treaty (SALT) delegation and was among four Republican senators who met with former Soviet Chairman Leonid Brezhnev about arms control in Moscow. And Garn became one of the national leaders in the effort to amend the SALT II treaty.

Garn said he believes the U.S. position on arms control should be "to negotiate agreements which are truly equitable and verifiable."

"My interest is in seeing tough and meaningful arms-control agreements with the Soviet Union that address the real issues and make substantial, fair reductions."