Soul singer James Brown, after four months in prison, said during an interview at the State Park (S.C.) Health Center that he'd like to return to gospel singing.

Brown, 55, serving a six-year sentence on a charge of aggravated assault and failing to stop for police during a chase, is working on kitchen detail in the mornings. But in the evenings, Brown, whose gold records include "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag" is conducting the prison choir."I'd like to go back to gospel," Brown told The Boston Globe in an interview from jail. "Really I never left. Or it never left me. The public may not know it, but the Sex Machine first did it to death for the Lord."

Brown sees a double standard in that no politicians have come to his aid. He said he helped quell riots in the '60s, sang at Richard Nixon's inauguration party and lent his fame to various anti-drug pronouncements.

"Politics and reality is so different now that reality doesn't have anything to do with politics anymore," Brown said. "All the people in Watergate, they out of jail, now, right?"