A Salt Lake man remains in serious condition following a 60-foot fall suffered while climbing in Provo Canyon last Sunday evening.

Patrick Boyer, 21, had free-climbed a little more than halfway up the face of Bridal Veil Falls with a friend when he slipped on a mossy rock and fell most of the way down the face of the mountain.The Utah County Search and Rescue team and several other safety agencies helped get Boyer the rest of the way to the ground and transported him to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center. Boyer's climbing companion was unhurt.

On Monday morning, Boyer underwent surgery to relieve pressure caused by bleeding around his brain.

"He is conscious and talking," said Clark Caras, hospital spokesman, on Friday afternoon. "He has symptoms associated with serious head trauma, such as loss of memory and drifting in and out of consciousness." Caras added that such symptoms are often temporary.

Besides head injuries, Boyer suffered broken legs and ribs, lacerations and displaced kneecaps resulting from the fall. Doctors are testing to determine whether the displaced kneecaps should be treated with therapy or surgery.

The paramedics who treated Boyer at the scene reportedly said he was lucky to have survived the fall. They speculated he had been saved by taking most of the impact with his lower body rather than with his head.