It looks like Cinderella will be able to stay out dancing an extra hour after all - and still keep her carriage intact.

The City Council approved an ordinance change at its Tuesday meeting to extend public dance hall operating hours to 1 a.m.Council members approved the change after owners of the Ivy Tower Dance Club presented the council with a petition signed by the club's neighbors supporting the ordinance change.

Ivy Tower Dance Club co-owner Scott Rosenberg and The Palace owner Bryan Murdock have appeared before the council for the past three weeks asking for the change.

Police shut the Ivy Tower down March 23 at midnight, saying that the club was in violation of a law requiring dance halls located within 500 feet of a residential area to close at midnight.

The Palace supported the change, even though the club has not received the same complaints from neighbors as the Ivy Tower has. The Ivy Tower structure is older and not sound-proofed like the Palace.

In the past, both clubs have declined to take tickets after midnight but have remained open until 1 a.m. Such a schedule staggers the time customers leave the dance hall and cuts back on noise in the parking lot, club owners said.

The amended ordinance allows just that - dances may continue past midnight, but no customers can be admitted after 12 a.m.

Council members agreed to change the ordinance, but warned Ivy Tower owners that excessive noise levels could still shut down the club. Continual failure to comply could result in suspension of the Ivy Tower business license.