After a long history of wrangling and peacemaking with the county over the issue of a new Sandy Library, City Council members aren't anxious to fight again.

But they also don't want to get shorted on the promised size and amenities of the new library to be built at Buttercup Drive and 13th East.So, after two weeks of discussion, they've decided to send a polite but questioning letter to County Library Director Eileen Longsworth and members of the County Library Board.

Councilman Bryant Anderson said he's concerned by the statement in the request for architectural proposals that mentions shelf space for only 100,000 books. He also wants to make sure Sandy gets promised classroom and auditorium space similar to that in Whitmore Library.

And the council's letter asks for additional cost estimates for an unfinished basement.

Longsworth, who along with library architects met with the council two weeks ago to review plans, said she doesn't think there's a real problem.

She said the plans already include auditorium space and conference rooms - the library no longer calls them classrooms.

She said the Sandy Library will have more than 100,000 books - probably closer to 150,000 - because about a third of the collection will be checked out at any one time.

Longsworth said the pertinent book question is book availability, not just number of volumes in the branch, and she's certain Sandy readers - who will continue to use Whitmore and Ruth Vine Tyler branches as well as the new facility - will have enough books.

Both sides stressed that they want to work together on remaining questions. "They do trust us and we do trust them, and that's what it really takes," said Longsworth.