Rep. Jim Hansen, R-Utah, said Wednesday that a statement Tuesday about envisioning possible use of Fort Douglas to expand the University of Utah's fusion research was not meant as a formal proposal.

His press secretary, Kathy Gallegos, said, "He just wanted to draw more attention to the (U.'s) fusion experiment. Calling that a formal proposal was reading more into it than was there."Hansen issued a statement Tuesday during debate on whether to close obsolete military bases that said, "With the recent nationwide attention the U. has received over the results of a fusion experiment conducted by Dr. B. Stanley Pons and a British colleague, Martin Fleischmann, I can think of no better way to use this (Fort Douglas) land than to expand the fusion research capabilities of the university."

Gallegos said Hansen feels the fort should be given to the university to be used as it determines and has introduced a bill that would do that. She said his comments, however, showed that using it to expand fusion research "was the best use he could think of."

Gallegos clarified Hansen's statements after press inquiries about them had concerned Hansen's Utah colleagues in the House, Reps. Wayne Owens, D-Utah, and Howard C. Nielson, R-Utah.