The Central District of Job Service showed 570 new non-farm jobs for the last quarter of 1988.

Job Service officials said the new jobs were primarily in the service industry and construction. Many of the 210 construction jobs resulted from work on the new regional prison near Gunnison, Sanpete County.Sanpete led other counties in the total number of new jobs, accounting for 390. That county also found 60 new jobs in manufacturing and 70 in the trades.

On the district level, initial claims for unemployment compensation fell by 10 percent, compared with last year. Permit authorized construction valuation grew 39.4 percent.

Most of the district's 105 job gains in manufacturing were in Sevier, Sanpete and Juab counties. There were 120 new jobs in services, mostly in Sevier and Millard counties.

Some 50 new jobs in the services represented nearly half of the employment increase in Sevier County. Many of the jobs were in tourist-related industries. About 20 new jobs were gained in each of the categories of government, manufacturing, and transportation, communication and public utilities.

The report also noted that a $500,000 grant from the federal Economic Development Administration was given to the Six-County Organization. It will be used as a revolving loan fund for developing new businesses in the area.