Army officials in Washington state, Utah and Pennsylvania are keeping silent about an investigation into allegations of ammunition theft from Umatilla Army Depot.

According to documents dated March 1988 and obtained by the East Oregonian newspaper, the Army had been looking into allegations from a depot clerk who is said to have seen a civilian depot employee loading three bound ammunition crates into a car and receiving an envelope from a man in the car.The clerk said that December 1987 incident was followed by an incident in January 1988. Then, the same depot employee and another worker moved two ammunition crates into a depot building that is not adequate for storage and that is easily accessible to someone trying to remove items from the depot, the documents said.

The Army documents indicated the clerk's allegations were investigated as part of an inquiry involving $150,000 worth of ammunition missing from the depot. Also, the U.S. Army Audit Agency was auditing the Umatilla depot as of March 1988, the documents said.

None of the information obtained by the East Oregonian has linked the theft investigation with a recently announced investigation involving depot commander Lt. Col Everette Gray. He was suspended from duties in March.