Mayor Ray Stone, an advocate of tough traffic law enforcement, has struck a plea bargain on his arrest for drunken driving.

Stone, elected mayor of Coeur d'Alene in 1985, pleaded guilty Tuesday to the reduced charge of inattentive driving in connection with his arrest near Lewiston on April 2.Magistrate Darrel Perry fined Stone $300 plus court costs of $26.50 for the misdemeanor, a Nez Perce County court clerk said. No jail time or probation was ordered, but Stone's drivers license was suspended for 180 days because he refused to take a test to determine the level of alcohol in his blood following his arrest.

The original drunken driving charge was reduced in the plea bargain as Stone agreed to withdraw his request for a hearing on his refusal to take the blood alcohol test, Deputy Prosecutor Mark Moorer said.

"I think the interests of justice and society were accommodated," Moorer said. "Regardless of this offense, Mayor Stone is a productive member of the community and will continue to be a productive member. Everybody is given the opportunity to make one mistake and then go on."

Stone was arrested after an Idaho State Police trooper saw him fail to dim his headlights for oncoming traffic as the mayor was driving south on U.S. 95. After failing field sobriety tests, the mayor was cited for driving under the influence and booked at the Nez Perce County jail. He was released on $500 bond without spending any time in jail.