Kim Muzyka had a strange request for a mechanic - remove a boa constrictor from beneath her car's dashboard.

"There's a 3 1/2-foot-long boa constrictor under the dash and he's hungry. He hasn't eaten in three weeks," Muzyka told her mechanic.For two hours Tuesday afternoon, technicians worked on the car and on the snake. Finally, the boa constrictor was freed, but he was in a surly mood.

"I won't let him get next to me," said Brent Norris, who was baby-sitting the boa three weeks ago when it slithered away.

Norris went to do some shopping and left the boa inside the car with the rear window partly open. When he returned, the snake was gone.

Norris and Muzyka were out driving Monday when suddenly they discovered the snake. The couple knew better than to try to extract the boa themselves. They knew their snake would be hungry, "and when he's hungry, he bites," she said.

That's when they decided to leave the job up to professionals.

Hyundai service manager Ken Hayes said: "You know, there's no flat rate for this kind of work. Nothing about removing snakes. I looked it up in the manual."