Adnan Khashoggi's jail cell is only a five-minute walk from the luxury hotel where the jet-setting Saudi financier and arms dealer was staying before his arrest.

Although the conditions are better than in many other Swiss jails, they are far being from the plush surroundings to which he is accustomed.Khashoggi, once reputed to be among the world's richest men, does not have to wear prison clothes and can order out for meals, some of which he has had delivered from the Schweizerhof hotel.

He was staying at the hotel in Bern, the Swiss capital, when he was arrested Tuesday on a U.S. warrant charging he helped ousted Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos and his wife Imelda hide riches stolen from their country.

The 54-year-old Khashoggi was allegedly the main middleman and financier in the Iran-Contra affair and has been involved in several kickback scandals. But this is the first time he's been arrested.

He has been held in a downtown Bern jail reserved for people in pretrial protective custody.

Like most prisoners there, he has a room to himself. It measures about 30 square feet and is furnished with a bed, table, chair, sink and toilet.

"All the furniture is bolted down," said Bern investigating magistrate Alexander Tschappat.

A radio is in the room and Khashoggi can rent a television for one franc (about 60 cents) a day.

"He can also read and write and buy newspapers. But he can't have technical things like a telephone," Tschappat said.

Khashoggi is not receiving special treatment, Tschappat said in a telephone interview.

He said all prisoners could keep their watches and other personal belongings with them, such as family photos - "but you usually deposit all your valuables so there is no danger of something being stolen."

Inmates can receive visitors three days a week for two hours in the afternoon, Tschappat said.