Police searched a house and a condominium owned by the alleged leader of a drug ring linked to 15 cult slayings near the U.S. border but found no evidence of more killings.

Police said Wednesday they found altars, candles and other items used in occult rituals in the Mexico City apartment of Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo and in a two-story house believed owned by him in the city's outskirts."We have no evidence of any killing so far at his alleged apartment and house here," said Vicente Mendoza, spokesman for the attorney general's office.

Hector Aguilar Chagoya, another spokesman, said Mexican authorities have begun a nationwide search for Constanzo, although there was no indication he was in the country. "We have not had any success in tracing him so far," Chagoya said. "We have reinforced vigilance across the country."

Constanzo, 26, was believed to have flown from McAllen, Texas, to Mexico City on April 10, then to Miami on April 11, the day police found the first of 15 bodies in a series of graves on two ranches near the border town of Matamoros, Mexico.

Constanzo, the alleged "padrino," or godfather, of the drug cult, is accused of directing the slayings of the 15 and also mutilations, in which the victims' brains and blood were removed and boiled in an iron caldron.

He also allegedly directed the group's drug trafficking operation, which is believed to have smuggled a ton of marijuana into the United States each week.