One person is dead and two others are in critical condition following a freak accident Wednesday afternoon that ended at the doors of the Provo LDS Temple.

Brigham Young University spokesman Brent Harker said E. Dan Boyce, 90, Provo, was dead on arrival at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center following the 2 p.m. accident.Boyce was driving out of the southwest parking aisle inside the temple grounds when his car collided with a vehicle driven by Gordon B. Swapp, 72, Provo, which was heading east toward the temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The impact forced the Swapp car into a parked vehicle.

Swapp got out of his car and went to the Boyce car to talk to the driver and his wife, Echo, 79, who both remained in their vehicle. While they were talking, the Boyce car accelerated, leaving the scene of that accident, and headed into the passenger drop-off area in front of the temple's main entrance.

Three BYU students were walking in the drop-off area, their backs to the car. Two jumped out of the way, but Lisa Birkinshaw, 19, White Candle Spring, Texas, was hit by the car. She rolled out of the way as the car continued turning north, crashing through bushes until it hit a pillar supporting the canopy over the walkway, according to University Police reports.

Birkinshaw and Mrs. Boyce were both in critical condition Thursday at the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center.

Swapp and others involved were not injured. Police estimate that the Boyce car was traveling nearly 30 mph at impact.

An autopsy was to be performed on Boyce Thursday by the state medical examiner's office to determine whether he died from a heart attack, stroke or injuries suffered in the accident.