An automated garbage pickup system, along with an increase in the city's garbage fee, goes into effect July 1.

Centerville will be the second Davis County city to switch to the automated system and the first to hire a private contractor offering the service.The City Council in March approved the new system and two weeks ago signed an agreement to buy the 90-gallon wheeled plastic garbage cans for its residents.

Mayor Dean Argyle believes in the long run the system will save residents money.

Although the monthly garbage collection fee will go from $6.80 to $7.27 per month to pay for the new garbage cans, the mayor said the contract the city signed with the private hauler is for five years and has no allowance for an increase.

The city's current garbage hauler has been coming in annually, looking for 50-cent or $1 monthly increases, Argyle said.

Under the new system, Centerville residents will be provided one 90-gallon container per household, paying the additional monthly fee over 10 years to pay off the purchase cost. If a residence needs a second container, it will be provided but at an additional cost of 95 cents per can per month, according to City Administrator David Hales.

The city will spend about $175,000 to buy 2,600 90-gallon containers at $64.82 each to distribute to homes. The 10 percent overage in the purchase will be used to handle replacements, growth and homes that need more than one can, according to Hales.

The city will also buy a number of 300-gallon containers for commercial users.

Hales told the City Council that the cans have a 10-year lifespan guarantee by the manufacturer and tests indicate they should last longer than that. The cans will be individually marked and numbered to prevent theft, he said, and other cities report few losses of the cans.

The mayor said this week he's disappointed that the new system, along with the attendant rate increase, will go into effect at the same time as an anticipated hike in the tipping fee at the county's burn plant.

Residents will see a bigger garbage collection fee increase than expected, the mayor said, and he fears they will blame the whole increase on the new system.