The Utah Senate, meeting in special session Wednesday, confirmed the following appointments made by Gov. Norm Bangerter:

-Board of Pardons: Henry Haun appointed to replace Gary Webster. Haun's appointment was opposed by some state public safety employees because Haun is retiring from a federal government job to take the state job. He'll get his federal retirement and state salary. The Legislature passed a law that says state public safety employees can't retire from their state jobs and take other state jobs, a process known as double-dipping. The public safety employees don't think it's fair to allow some double-dipping and bar them from it.-N Control. Warren Harward and Paul Stringham reappointed and Robert Corry appointed to the Wildlife Board.

-Community and Economic Development: Doug Alder, Leonard Arrington, Hugh Garner and Amy Allen Price reappointed and Marilyn Barker appointed to the Board of State History.

-Transportation: Grey Larken reappointed to the Transportation Commission.

-Health: Wayne Ross and Ed Phillips appointed to the Emergency Medical Services Committee. Lorin T. Powell appointed to the Health Advisory Council. Harry W. McSwain and Dee H. Barker reappointed and Karl Heaton and Michael Malan appointed to the Air Conservation Committee. W. Lynn Cottrell, H. Dell LeFevre, Wayne Wurtsbaugh, Karl Brooks and Peter C. Knudson reappointed and Keith Welch appointed to the Committee on Water Pollution. Joseph Jenkins appointed to the Safe Drinking Water Committee.

-Social Services: Lawrell Jensen, Danniel Gallego and Phileon Robinson reappointed and Kirsten Ball appointed to the Board of Aging and Adult Services. Charone H. Smith reappointed to the Board of Family Services. Mary Paulsen reappointed and Claudia Miles appointed to the Services to the Handicapped Board. Keith J. Richins reappointed and Elmer Collings, Roy House and Janet H. Nelson appointed to the Board of Mental Health. Lynn Sartor, Jean Okawa, Annabelle Mattson and Don D. Olsen reappointed to the Board of Substance Abuse. Garth Mecham, Karen Thorn and Salomon Chacon reappointed to the Board of Youth Corrections.