The Davis School Board has added two more elementary schools to its list of year-round schools, bringing the total to four.

The board voted Tuesday at a meeting at Davis High School to move Knowlton Elementary in Farmington and King Elementary in Layton to year-round schedules. Columbia Elementary in Kaysville and Adams Elementary in Layton were previously given the go-ahead to change to the schedule.That is all the schools the board plans to allow on the year-round schedule during the next school year. The new school schedules will begin July 25.

The board decision follows balloting conducted at King last Monday, in which 73.5 percent of the parents voted in favor of the year-round schedule, while 26.5 voted in favor of an extended-day schedule. About 46 percent of the estimated 498 households that have children in the area cast ballots, Stephen Whitesides, King principal, told the board.

Whitesides said 14 of the school's 25 teachers also voted for the change from a traditional school schedule to the year-round plan.

In the Knowlton area, of the 542 ballots mailed to households, 456 were returned. The school has been on an extended-day schedule, and 33 percent of those voting favored remaining on that schedule.

Of Knowlton's 37 teachers, 81 percent favored the year-round schedule and 10 percent favored the extended-day schedule.

District Superintendent Richard Kendell announced that all four schools will use a modified 45-15 schedule. Generally, three "tracks" of students attend school for 45 days and then are off for 15. All students will have July off.

There had been some talk of placing Adams on a different year-round format than other schools in the area. However, placing all year-round schools on the same schedule will help the district coordinate school activities.

Already, district workers are installing air conditioning systems on the four schools which will hold classes during summer months.