Alta View Hospital

BISHOP, Matthew and Louise, Sandy, boy.HEINRITZ, Charles and Amy, Sandy, girl.

JOHNSON, David William and Tami, Sandy, girl.

NEWMAN, Wade and Annette, South Jordan, girl.

Cottonwood Hospital-

CHRISTENSEN, Bruce R., and Donna M., West Jordan, boy.

HANSARD, Bryan and Wendy, Bountiful, girl.

HAWKINS, Steven M., and Mary K., Salt Lake City, boy.

HEINECKE, Scott L., and Cynthia, Salt Lake City, girl.

JONES, Mike and Michelle K., Bountiful, boy.

LAMB, Michael J., and Susan Dee, Sandy, boy.

LEE, Martin J., and Michele B., West Jordan, boy.

MORELAND, Christopher and Annette, Salt Lake City, boy.

NESBITT, Ronald W., and Karleen, Salt Lake City, boy.

TAYLOR, Jeffrey C., and Stacey, Salt Lake City, boy.

VAN LAM, Teng and Sophea, Murray, boy.

WILLIAMSON, Blake K., and Laurie, West Jordan, boy.

Holy Cross Hospital-

ANDERSON, J. D., and Jennifer, boy.

BIGELOW, Donald and Carol, boy.

CAMPBELL, Catherine, boy.

CLEVELAND, Cort and Cassandra, boy.

COWEN, Keith and Susan, boy.

SKANCHY, Randall and Sue, boy.

LDS Hospital-

JENSEN, Jay L., and Diane, girl.

MITCHELL, Jeff M., and VeeAnn, girl.

REDD, Leland W., III, and Cathryn, girl.

STODDARD, David and Pamela, girl.

St. Mark's Hospital-

ABEYTA, James and Debbie, Salt Lake City, boy.

BOSH, Kelly and Kathy, Salt Lake City, girl.

BOWLES, Wade and Wendy, West Jordan, girl.

CHESTNUT, George and Julie, Salt Lake City, boy.

GEORGE, Bruce and Jodi, Salt Lake City, boy.

HOWELLS, Ross and Shelly, Salt Lake City, girl.

RODRIGUEZ, Edgardo and Julie, Salt Lake City, girl.

WHITEHEAD, James and Shirley, Midvale, boy.

WOOD, Kurt and Stephanie, Bountiful, girl.

University Medical Center-

BUNDERSON, Bryant and Lori, girl.

LARSON, Terry and Karla, boy.

VANIKIOTIS, Ted and Suzanne, boy.

WACH, James and Christine, twin boys.