A group of students from Brighton High School is adept at solving world problems. Recently they determined the proper atmosphere for satellites, how to fund peace-keeping forces in Cyprus and the Middle East and how the United States should manage its relationships in the southeast Pacific.

The students are the school's United Nations team, and they competed against similar teams from 160 schools from across the country early this month. Competitions were held in the United Nations Building in New York.The Brighton team was one of five that won first-place awards. Seven schools were named second-place winners and nine were in third place, said John McMorris, who teaches and coaches Brighton's contingent.

The Utah teens represented the United States during the model session - "which was quite an honor," McMorris said. Last year, the Brighton students represented Byelorussia and took third place in the national competition.

Each student participant is assigned to a committee dealing with a particular aspect of international relationships.

On the Brighton team are Diane Airmet, Allison Dake, Amy Dunyon, Ann Ellison, Justin Ethington, Pete Fesler, Anna Hallgren, Jennie Hammer, Jeff Harmer, Cari Hokenson, Darcy Hunt, Craig Jackson, Chris Jones, Matt Klein, Julie Long, Kristi Lowe, Gina Keegan, Dan Mills, Holly Smith, Tristian Yeaman, Holly Parry, Blessing Ream, Brian Roberts, Shannon Rose, Matt Stillings, Mike Strang, Dennis Urabe, Jennie Wadsworth, Lisa Wakefield, Mark Watkins, Steve Fairbourn and Brent Gerrity.