A 5-year-old Salt Lake girl who accidentally shot herself Tuesday afternoon may have done so with a gun her father had ready to defend against intruders.

Larisa Durazo, who was in serious condition early Wednesday at Primary Children's Medical Center, went to wake up her father in the family's apartment at 562 N. Eighth West about 12:40 p.m. Tuesday when she found his .25-caliber semiautomatic on the night stand, police said."She picked it up and it discharged," said detective Lt. Norm Thompson. The bullet entered her abdomen, striking an artery and two vital organs before exiting the body.

Thompson said the girl's father had the gun nearby because of "prowlers" in the area the night before.

The Durazo's apartment building was the scene of a gang-related fight on March 25 during which shots were fired and three people were stabbed, according to police reports.