University of Utah chemistry professor B. Stanley Pons left Los Alamos National Laboratory Wednesday without a confirmation of his experiment - and without a commitment to collaborate.

But his hopes remained high."I don't think there can be any collaboration until they start getting a result. And so it's my determination now to make sure that they do," Pons said.

Pons, who went to New Mexico Monday night at the invitation of Los Alamos researchers, said he was able to identify one possible reason why the lab has been unable to duplicate his experiment: The palladium electrodes being used by Los Alamos scientists in the fusion cells are not in the same form as the rods he used in Utah. It's possibly a metallurgy problem.

Pons also said the laboratory is not conducting experiments that measure heat, which are easiest to conduct and measure.

The chemist is expected to return Thursday to his lab, where he is beginning 19 experiments aimed at further explaining his cold nuclear fusion breakthrough.