A Salt Lake property owner has 10 days to decide whether to accept the Salt Lake School District's offer to buy his property for the West High track, or the school will go to court to have it condemned.

Business manager Gary Harmer said the owner of the property at 227-229 N. Second West is willing to sell but wants $40,000 more than the two appraisals given to the school district. "We feel it's irresponsible for us to pay taxpayer dollars for that kind of (price) gap," Harmer told the school board.A four-plex now sits on the .08 acre of land, which the owner is advertising for sale at $105,000. Steve Harman, buildings and grounds director, reported the owner said he paid $85,000 for the property and has since done extensive renovation.

However, Harman said, one appraisal was at $61,000 and the other at $68,000.

Under its powers of eminent domain, the school district can go to 3rd District Court to have property condemned for what it determines is a public need, Harman said. With condemnation, the judge decides the purchase price.

The school district has earnest money on an adjacent piece of property needed for the new track.