Modernization at Geneva Steel's rolling mills - by way of a $2 million recoil line - will help the company compete in domestic and international markets, company officials say.

"This is important because it is a beginning step in the modernization of the Rolling Division," said Bud Patten, senior vice president and chief operating officer at Geneva. "The quality of the product is an important factor in our long-term future."The new recoiling equipment will interface with Geneva's computer process control system. By tightening the steel coils and trimming them, the recoiler will improve coil quality and provide the mill with added capacity to provide processed and semi-processed coil.

Modernization of Geneva's steel making process is a top priority, said Joe Cannon, Geneva Steel president. "The new line will ensure Geneva's ability to produce high-quality coils in sufficient quantities to meet market demand."

Geneva exports coils to Japan, and "since Japan has particularly high quality standards, the recoiler will play an important role in Geneva's being able to maintain these exports," he said.

The new recoil line should be operational by July, Cannon said. The facility - designed and constructed by Utah companies - will require six to eight new employees to operate.