"The Pat and Jeff Show" soon may be dropped from prime-time viewing at Brigham Young University, but students weren't about to let the show's two stars go without a final performance.

In a tribute to outgoing BYU President Jeffrey R. Holland and his wife, Patricia T. Holland, students spoke, sang and performed at a forum Tuesday to show what the Hollands have done for love."What we can't really express is what you've done for love," Elder Holland said in return. "It is simply hard to reach in and tear out your heart and leave it here, yet that is very much what we are experiencing. We believe this is the last performance of the Pat and Jeff Show."

Elder Holland has been called as a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

"Thank you for always letting us feel like your parents," Mrs. Holland said. "You have made us feel young and happy and have strengthened our testimonies as we have watched you."

"This is not supposed to be a stand-up funeral," Elder Holland said. "We wanted to thank you with a smile and not these tears. Thank you for loving us and letting us love you."

The couple also thanked students for their scavenger hunts. They figure their doorbell rang 3,300 times in nine years for scavenger hunters seeking such things as a bark from the Hollands' dog, Sir Isaac Newton.