Massachusetts' "official witch" has begun a letter-writing campaign to protest what she and other witches believe are violations of their civil rights.

Letters of complaint, stemming from news reports linking a "witch" to a cult of drug smugglers connected with the ritualistic deaths of 15 people found near the Texas-Mexico border, have been sent to major newspapers and television networks from Laurie Cabot's Salem-based group, Witches League for Self-Awareness."We are not satanists, we do not do black magic or any evil magic," said Cabot, who formed the 900-member group in 1986, shortly after the filming of "The Witches of Eastwick," a movie witches said made them appear "stupid."

In group literature, the league is described as a "national and international anti-defamation organization which is working to protect the civil rights, dignity and public portrayal of more than 6 million Witches, Pagans and Pantheists."

The witches complained they have been "portrayed in an inaccurate, offensive and libelous manner."