Newspaper reporters and editors, for the most part, are just ordinary people.

They're not experts in anything in particular - except at writing, editing and interviewing.So what gives them the right and the expertise to do stories and columns about all that is happening in the community, state, nation and world?

That's a good question - one that is frequently asked.

The answer illustrates the value of a newspaper. While we're not experts at much ourselves, we know how to get to the experts. Good reporters and editors have developed the skill of getting quickly to the right sources who can explain a news event or provide needed information.

Thus, what we deliver to your home each day are the views and opinions of top experts the world over. It ends up being a pretty darn complicated product - far more than mere news, weather and sports.

Count 'em and you'll see we have, on our staff and through syndicates and wire services, more than 50 columnists and specialists writing about everything imaginable - chess, finance, advice to the lovelorn, autos, television, movies, literature, computers, politics, real estate, medicine, business, fashion, stocks, radio, marriage, education, family relationships, gardening and everything else. Even in specific areas like business and sports, we have super-specialists who write about even more exclusive topics like investments, golf and many other things.

We offer so much more every day of the year than any television or radio newscast that it's a little embarrassing for them. And sometimes that's part of our problem. We can actually be a little intimidating. We get fat and bulky, on Sundays often running 100 pages or more - plus advertising inserts and magazines.

Our intent, as I've stated in previous columns, is to organize all this information so you can find what you want and need quickly and easily.

We truly provide a conduit from the experts of the world to you. By simply sitting down with your Deseret News every day, you have at your service all that knowledge and expertise to inform you, to entertain you, and to help you cope with life.