A man who posed as a woman during a 31/2-year marriage to an unsuspecting husband admits he claimed to be pregnant before the wedding.

In court documents filed this week, Felix Urioste urged a judge to grant his former partner an annulment of the 1991 marriage in Wyoming.However, Urioste, 34, disputed the claim that he duped Bruce Jensen into marrying him or that he illegally ran up thousands of dollars in credit card debts in Jensen's name.

Urioste is in the Davis County Jail awaiting trial on a second-degree felony communications fraud charge. Prosecutors allege he tricked Jensen into marrying him and later bilked him out of $40,000 to $60,000 in credit card charges.

Jensen, 39, filed for an immediate annulment last month after learning from Bountiful police that the wife he knew as "Leasa Jensen" was actually a man. Prosecutors and police say they're convinced Jensen's ignorance was sincere. The couple even had the marriage "sealed" in the Salt Lake Temple of the LDS Church.

Jensen's annulment complaint lists Urioste's name, six alleged aliases and "John-Jane Does 1-99" as defendants. He is seeking the dissolution on grounds that a same-sex marriage is legally void and asks that the 90-day waiting period be waived.

Jensen says he was "fraudulently induced" to marry Urioste and that "the discovery" has caused him "severe duress." He said he agreed to marry Urioste to provide a father to the "child" Urioste claimed to be carrying.

In his written response, Urioste denied that allegation, saying he didn't know if Jensen had married him because he thought he was pregnant. He did acknowledge he had told Jensen that the "pregnancy" was terminated several months after the marriage and that the "fetus" had been "unable to survive."

But Urioste said he didn't illegally obtain credit in Jensen's name in excess of $40,000 and shouldn't be ordered to assume the debt or pay Jensen's legal fees.

Urioste signed the court document as "Felix Urioste" and "L. Jensen."

Jensen has declined to be interviewed since the case became public.

No court dates have been scheduled in the annulment case. Urioste is scheduled to be arraigned on the fraud charge Tuesday in 2nd District Court.