Heat and humidity caused Utahns as much trouble as the elite runners at Monday's Boston marathon. Only six of the 20 Utah runners finished the course in less than three hours, and none bested 2:30.

Although the 50 to 60 percent humidty wasn't high by Boston standards, it was considerably higher than in Utahn."There's no way we can train for this," said Salt Laker Robert Nelson, who missed his personal goal of 2:30 by almost 20 minutes and finished 64th in the Masters Division. "I started badly - I finished the first mile in five minutes. After that the heat was just too much. I had to stop running and walk twice."

However, Utah's wheelchair competitors fared better. On a day that saw the men's and women's world wheelchair records shattered, Ogden's Vance Anderson and Salt Lake's John Brewers posted career bests. Anderson finished 15th at 1:50:04, and Brewer was 21st at 2:07:13.

"I much prefer dry weather to the rain of the last two years," Anderson said. "It makes it much easier to grip the wheels."