Bonneville Pacific Corp., the Salt Lake-based independent power producer, has completed an electrical cogeneration facility in San Diego, Calif., in a joint venture with J.A. Trent Associates.

The project, a 3.2-megawatt, natural gas-fired plant, will provide electricity and air conditioning for Kyocera America Inc., a subsidiary of Kyocera, which manufactures ceramic components for the semiconductor industry.Raymond L. Hixson, BP chairman, said electricity will be produced by four 800-kilowatt engines and a 50-kilowatt photovoltaic system. Heat produced in the generation of the electricity will be used in two absorption chillers for air conditioning the manufacturing plant.

Surplus electricity will be purchased by San Diego Gas and Electric. Revenues from the sale of heat and electricity will be about $3 million, Hixson said.

"The use of cogeneration by those technological industries that require reliable air conditioning and an uninterrupted supply of electricity is very cost effective," Hixson said.