Former Gov. Scott M. Matheson has resubmitted his name for consideration as the federal government's nuclear-waste negotiator.

Matheson was interested in the job over a year ago, but President Reagan didn't move quickly enough in appointing someone to the post, so Matheson took himself out of consideration.Now that President Bush is looking to fill the post, Matheson is interested again. Congress created the post in an attempt to find some place, state, Indian reservation or federal territory, that would willingly accept a high-level nuclear-waste repository.

Several sites in southeastern Utah were on the preliminary list for such a site and Matheson opposed locating the repository there.

Matheson's main competitor is apparently former Nevada Gov. Robert List. Matheson admits the Republican List may have a better chance with Bush, but he says he would be favored in the Democratic-controlled U.S. Senate, which must confirm Bush's selection.