Police were collecting evidence Tuesday from a van that was recovered in Murray after being stolen during an aggravated robbery at a West Jordan home early Saturday morning.

The robbers, two of them Vietnamese and one Caucasian, stole into the house through a bedroom window and tied up six adult Vietnamese occupants of the house with telephone cord.One of the robbers fired one round from a large-caliber handgun near the head of one of the male residents of the home after the man's wife refused to tell the robbers where valuables in the house were kept.

The man suffered powder burns from the gunshot, but the bullet hit no one before it passed through the floor and lodged in a wall in the basement, said West Jordan detective Vern Peterson.

The robbers, who wore towels around their mouths and noses to conceal their identities, fled in a van belonging to one of the victims and took an undisclosed amount of jewelry and other merchandise. The robbers may have learned about the valuables from others in the Vietnamese community. "We think there's just a close-knit communication between the Vietnamese people," Peterson said. "The word got around."