Premier Yitzhak Shamir of Israel conferred Tuesday with Communist Party chief Karoly Grosz, and a government spokesman said Hungary had assumed a mediating role in the Mideast conflict.

The purpose of the visit by Shamir, who arrived Monday for a two-day stay, was not given by officials. There were no official details provided on the Shamir-Grosz meeting.However, the state news agency MTI reported Foreign Ministry spokesman Istvan Komoroczki as saying, "Hungary has agreed to act as a mediator and will try to persuade all parties concerned in the Middle East crisis to sit down to the negotiating table."

Israeli radio reports also said Shamir was discussing an East bloc role in Mideast peace efforts.

The reports did not elaborate, but Hungary may be taking over a role long attributed to President Nicolae Ceausescu of Romania.

He leads the only East bloc country that did not sever relations with Israel during the 1967 Middle East war. However, many countries now shun Romania because of its human rights record.