Alta View Hospital

BURGON, Scott and Teresa, South Jordan, girl.GEE, Brandon and Michell, Midvale, boy.

RAYBY, Mark and Yvonne, West Jordan, boy.

STREET, Dale and Sunny, Heber, boy.

WHITE, Christine and CASE, Ron, West Valley City, boy.

Cottonwood Hospital-

ASLANIANS, Shahrorh and Sonia, Salt Lake City, boy.

CRESCI, Gordon and Mary, Sandy, boy.

FISCHER, Craig and Tonya, West Jordan, girl.

GATES, Kevin and Celeste, Salt Lake City, girl.

HEATON, Kwan and Joni, Salt Lake City, boy.

MARTIN, Daniel and Jill, Salt Lake City, girl.

NEAL, Jeff and Mitzi, Salt Lake City, girl.

SPENCER, John and Teresa, West Jordan, girl.

SUTTON, Robert and Rachel, Salt Lake City, boy.

THOMAS, Jeffrey and Nancy, Salt Lake City, girl.

LDS Hospital-

CHRISTENSEN, Boyd and Belinda, girl.

CLARK, Ric and Meda, boy.

DAVIS, Earl and Sherry, girl.

DOOM, Mike and Leanne, girl.

GRIGGS, Kevin and Beth Ann, girl.

JORGENSEN, Kent and Allison, girl.

LARA, Isabel and MIRAMONDES, Genaro, girl.

MAUGHAN, John and Lesley, girl.

METCALF, Steven and Sandra, boy.

NORTON, Bret and Dawn, boy.

SCHROETER, Daniel and Helene, girl.

SULLIVAN, Kelly and Marlene, boy.

TRIPLETT, William and Anna, girl.

WEILEMANN, Mark T., and Louise, boy.

WILSON, Jim and Pamela, girl.

St. Mark's Hospital-

CRAWFORD, Richard and Donette, Salt Lake City girl.

ALVEY, Melvin and Siri, West Valley City, girl.

BRADFORD, Raymond and Paula, Murray, girl.

BROADBENT, Stephen and Gloria, West Valley City, boy.

ELLIS, Donald and Kim, Salt Lake City, boy.

FOX, Henry and Allyson, Salt Lake City, boy.

MORTENSEN, Joseph and Dallas, Salt Lake City, boy.

ORAM, Todd and Wendy, Salt Lake City, girl.

STECKLING, Deon and Mitzi, Salt Lake City, boy.

University Medical Center-

CHANDLER, Gaylen and Susan, boy.

LYTLE, Jack and Patricia, girl.

MARTINEZ, Steve and Cindy, girl.

MERRELL, Steve and Delores, boy.

NEERINGS, Paul and Andrea, boy.

OLNEY, David and Loreen, girl.

SONNTAG, Christopher and Tammie, boy.

SYME, David and Dawn, girl.