A former Dayton businessman who admits he and Cincinnati Reds manager Pete Rose made sports bets through bookies and wagered at racetracks says Rose never bet on baseball.

"He never bet on a baseball game, ever," Charles "Bo" Foreman said in an interview published Saturday in the Dayton Daily News. "And I knew him for seven or eight years."Foreman, who headed Foreman Industries before the company collapsed in 1981, said he sometimes handled Rose's bets at racetracks and once at an Atlantic City, N.J., casino. He also said he and Rose would bet $100 or $200 a game on football and basketball games.

"I'll bet on the same team you're betting on," he said Rose would tell him. But in regard to baseball betting, he said Rose told him once: "I just won't do it."

The baseball commissioner's office is investigating Rose's gambling activities. If he is found to have bet on baseball, he would be suspended for one year. If he is found to have bet on games involving the Reds, he would be suspended for life.

Rose acknowledged in interviews on Friday that he arranged for a convicted gambler to get into the hotel the Reds used as their spring training headquarters, but saw nothing wrong with it.

Joseph Cambra, convicted of bookmaking in Massachusetts, received the team discount at a hotel for eight days during spring training, according to several reports.

Rose said he asked Reds traveling secretary Dan Lunetta to arrange hotel accommodations for Cambra. Rose said he asked Brad Del Barba, the Reds' former traveling secretary, to do the same in the two previous seasons.

"I didn't ask for a rate," Rose said. "I said, `Just get him a room.' I guess because the team made the reservation, he got a rate."

Two Boston newspapers, The Globe and The Herald, last week quoted unidentifed sources as saying Cambra showed several people a 1975 World Series ring that he claimed Rose gave him.

Rose said Cambra's ring was a duplicate. He said his three championship rings - won with Cincinnati in 1975 and '76 and Philadelphia in 1980 - are stored in his home.

Rose said he was playing for the Montreal Expos when he met Cambra, an Expos fan, in 1984. Rose said that when he returned to the Reds in 1985, Cambra became such an avid Reds fan he asked Rose for a Reds World Series ring.

"I think it was a World Series ring, because I remember writing a letter to Balfour, and I said it was all right with me if you want to make a duplicate of my '75 World Series' ring," Rose said. "From what they told me, he (Cambra) sent them a check for $3,150."

Balfour Co. is an Indianapolis jewelry company that makes the rings.

But Rose, in an interview with the Daily News, denied reports that he had Montreal hotel manager Rene Longpre place hockey and basketball bets for him.