April 23-29 has been designated National Consumer Week by President Bush and, in Utah, by Gov. Norm Bangerter as a time to focus on the role consumers play in the success of our economy, to highlight important consumer programs, to call attention to consumer issues, and to recognize consumer affairs professionals in government, business and consumer offices.

The theme for this year's observance is "Consumers Open Markets," in acknowledgment of the powerful role consumers play in the ability to open and close markets, be they neighborhood markets, world markets, media markets, supermarkets or markets for products.The League of Utah Consumers, the Utah Division of Consumer Protection and the Better Business Bureau will kick off the week with a luncheon at noon April 24 in the Salt Lake Hilton.

Duane Hill, president of Duane Hill Marketing Concepts and a well-known actor on Salt Lake stages, will offer an insider's look at the role of marketing in today's world: "The marketers make you do it . . . or do they?"

Anyone interested is invited to attend. Cost is $11 for the luncheon, with another $5 for membership in the League of Utah Consumers, if desired. (The league is a non-profit, non-partisan consumer education organization.)

For more information or to make reservations, contact Mary Dawn Coleman at 359-3836 or 359-1014.