An American Fork man who pleaded guilty last month to committing incest with two teenage girls has been sentenced to two terms of zero to five years in the state prison.

Clyde Baxter, 61, also was fined $1,562 on each count and ordered to pay for counseling needed by the two victims. Fourth District Judge Cullen Y. Christensen ordered Baxter to serve his prison terms concurrently.Christensen said he no choice but to commit Baxter to prison because he wasn't amenable to treatment and because of his "inability to recognize the seriousness of the allegations against you. There is no other suitable alternative than to commit you to the penitentiary."

Three treatment centers have rejected the defendant as a candidate amenable to therapy because of his unwillingness to recognize his problem, which Christensen said Baxter has had for more than 20 years.

Baxter said he was willing to accept the court's punishment. "I know I made a mistake," he said.